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Superior Cleaning Services

If you’re ready for spotless results, call the cleaning business with a spotless reputation!

 Our Cleaning Pixies are specially trained in the most modern and effective cleaning techniques, as well as in product usage and safety procedures. 

We work diligently to ensure that all cleaning service plans are performed to the highest industry standards. 

Affordable Cleaning Services

With the help of your input, our staff will customize a cleaning service program to suit your individual needs, and your budget. Whether you'd like weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just a one-time cleaning, you can count on the Cleaning Pixes to exceed your expectations, at a price you can live with.

 Complete, Guaranteed, Client Satisfaction 

We are not satisfied with our cleaning services unless you are! To guarantee the highest level of cleaning services, we utilize quality control programs which include onsite inspections and customer surveys. We constantly monitor our work and should any area fail to meet our strict home & office cleaning standards, it will be corrected immediately. And of course, we always encourage customer communication and use your input to heighten our level of cleaning services. 
We stand behind our work. If we accidentally miss something on our checklist, please call us within 24 hours and we will return to your home and redo the work at no additional charge.

The Cleaning Pixies Advantage

--Additional benefits for your peace of mind—

Not only are The Cleaning Pixies accredited members of The Better Business Bureau, we are fully bonded and insured, providing liability and property damage coverage as well as employee bonding and all other applicable forms of insurance coverage.  

Did you know.....

Your home-owner's' insurance will not cover you for any property or FIRE damage, incurred by a cleaning company!

Most other cleaning services will not spare the extra expense of carrying premium insurance. In fact, the average company carries less than $300,000 incoverage! And ONLY liabilaty!

The Cleaning Pixies not only want to keep your home beautiful, we are also very proud to carry $1,000,000,00 in general liabilty insurance, along with $3,000,000.00 in aggregate coverage.

We've included several endorsements under our extensive insurance policy, and we will be more than happy to provide you, our valued client, with a certificate of insurance, stating all of our coverages and listing YOU, or your company as additionally insured.

The Finest Cleaning Products and Paramount Equipment

The Cleaning Pixies will never come to your home carrying a dirty, old, smelly rag or sponge mop. Not only are these unsanitary, why continue to pushes the dirt, grime, and GERMS around your floor?

We use only DELUXE STEAM MOPS, without the use of potentially harmful chemicals, relying solely on the active power of steam to remove ground in dirt and stains from your hard floor.

The only time a chemical is used on your floor is upon request for wax or hard wood floor polish, which is applied safely with a clean & sanitized wet/dry mop pad. 
(We carry only the best products. Take a look below!)

Consumer Report's Top Rated Cleaning Solutions


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  • Murphy's Oil soap for hardwood
  • Orange Glo wood polish/conditioner
  • Pledge Hardwood/Laminate Floor Polish
  • Pledge deep moisturizing furniture polish 
  • Pledge Multi surface cleaner/ furniture polish
  • Windex Specialty surface cleaner           (granite, stone, and stainless steel)
  • Mop-N-Glo (wax/polish)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming bathroom cleaner
  • Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner
  • Lysol Bathroom Cleaner

  • 409 Stone & Steel Specialty Cleaner
  • Lysol Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Oxygen
  • 409 all purpose cleaner/degreaser 
  • Zep Heavy Duty cleaner & degreaser
  • Lime-A-Way for calcium, lime, and rust stains.
  • Windex streak free glass cleaner
  • Dawn antibacterial dish soap
  • Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover
  • Easy off Fume Free oven cleaner
  • Lysol Cling Toilette Bowl Cleaner
  • Lysol Lime & Rust Toilette bowl cleaner
  • Glade Carpet carpet powder
All Natural Cleaning Option

While some of the cleaning solutions listed above are 99% natural, The Cleaning Pixies are pleased to offer our clientelle an all natural cleaning, upon request. Please call for details.

Enhance the professional appearance of your home or business by maintaining your facility with The Cleaning Pixie’s expert cleaning services. For more information or to book a service, please give our office a call at (716) 649-6677, or send email to admin@thecleaningpixies.com.

Our friendly team members are standing by to answer any and all of your questions!
We do not provide our Pixies with bleach or apprasives (other than Tilex for mold & mildew removal.) However, if you would like to leave a product of this nature out for us to use, we will gladly do so!